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The most frequently asked questions by our users

Is it safe to purchase from Amazon and sell back on Amazon?

Yes it is! Amazon to Amazon selling is very common in United Kingdom, some sellers don’t sell OA, RA or Wholesale products, simply stick to Amazon to Amazon.

You have to of course stick to a few simple rules:

  • Do not use the buying account that is associated with your selling account to purchase stock, create another email and set up buying account under that email or even better, get yourself a Business Amazon account for purchasing stock as you might find further discounts exclusive to business applied to some listings!
  • Make sure your billing details match those on your selling account, you can use Amazon invoices for ungating, authentication checks and reimbursement claims but as with any invoice, be sure that details match.
  • Do not use Prime delivery, that is actually against terms!

Aside from that, all you need to worry is getting those deals before price changes or they go out of stock!

Not at all, our bots pick up variety of items, some of which may not be suitable for reselling but are of great value, non resellers are more than welcome and would find great value here, equally majority of the profitable deals can be re-sold on eBay, Shopify stores, brick and mortar stores or even on local selling websites, try to see if this is for you!

No, we do work hard to continuously improve accuracy of the service however some items posted will not be profitable Amazon to Amazon flips, for this reason, every post includes a 90 day Keepa graph and links to Selleramp & Keepa so that it would be easy to quickly check the product as soon as it pings without the need to copy and paste ASIN’s between apps. As with everything, you should do your own research before making a buying decision.

You can manage your notification settings for each channel individually, this will allow you to mute notifications from channels you don’t want deals from. Head over to ‘React For Roles’ channel to get roles you want and remember if you are struggling with notifications, Open A Ticket in our server and we will do our best to help you!

Of course you can! Even better so, for every person you refer, you will get 10% commission for the duration of their membership! You can create your referral account here https://whop.com/fba-bot/