How Does It Work?

What We Do

Amazon to Amazon selling with The Fba Bot

We are a Discord based service – we use this platform as it gives flexibility to ping our notifications to you in most efficient format. 

Amazon to Amazon selling has been around for a few years now, it is a great way to source profitable products with little effort. Unlike other more traditional methods of sourcing products, Amazon to Amazon (A2A) sourcing can be more or less fully automated (all you need to do is purchase the products), no need to endlessly go through hundreds of pages just to find a profitable product. 

We have had questions in the past – if it is so lucrative, why offer it as a subscription rather than buy all the deals ourselves? Well, Amazon impose buying limits for most products so even if we had unlimited budget (and you would need one in order to buy all the profitable deals), we couldn’t! So in turn The Fba Bot is a low cost subscription service that never sleeps.

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So what is the actual process?

Once in our Discord server, you will see channels where flips are posted, which channels you can see will depend on the bundle you subscribe to.

Deal notification comes and it looks like this! You check the deal to make sure it matches your criteria, purchase, get your delivery, send back to Amazon for FBA fulfilment, enjoy the profit!